About Battle Boosters

Discover the story behind our mission and vision.

Shaping the Future of Gaming Engagement

In the bustling arena of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), we find an insatiable passion, a wellspring of inspiration that transcends the boundaries of sport.

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The Work:

MMA is a complete sport, demanding a diversity of skills, it embodies versatility and adaptability—qualities we also value in our technological approach.

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The Events:

Each fight is a collision of energies, a brutal ballet of skill and strategy, captivating millions of viewers worldwide.

MMMA fight event.

The Community:

The spirit of unity and encouragement within this community strengthens our connection to the sport.

We aspire to infuse the electrifying elements of MMA into the gaming realm.

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Live events annually

Recreate the spirit, diversity, and adaptability of MMA within an immersive experience

In a world where traditional MMA games often fall short, either focusing solely on simulations or offering limited gameplay, BattleBoosters steps up to deliver a truly groundbreaking experience.

A Game For the Community

BattleBoosters is more than just a game, it's a collaborative journey. We're not dictating an experience; we're co-creating it with you.

This is your chance to shape the world of MMA gaming, injecting your passion and insights into every aspect of BattleBoosters.

A Friendly Approach to the MMA

Whether you're a seasoned MMA veteran or taking your first steps into the octagon, BattleBoosters welcomes you.

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive gameplay make it easy for everyone to dive into the excitement.

Bridging the Gap - MMA Meets Crypto

We're building bridges between the worlds of MMA and cryptocurrency.

By joining us, you're not just playing a game; you're contributing to the convergence of two dynamic spheres.

Experience MMA in a New Light

Join us as we redefine the gaming, welcome newcomers to the MMA world, and create a space where the community is not just a spectator but an active participant.

BattleBoosters is your ticket to a friendlier, more inclusive, and uniquely immersive MMA experience.

Are you ready to shape the future of MMA gaming?
Let's embark on this adventure together!

Meet the Founders

Together, we strive to push the boundaries of technology and deliver exceptional software products.

CEO & co-founder of BattleBoosters.



Damien ROJO




5 years of Blockchain experience

I passionately lead our team in revolutionizing the gaming industry by seamlessly merging fantasy card games with the cutting-edge potential of blockchain technology.

CTO & co-founder of BattleBoosters.



Anthony ROJO




9 years of Blockchain experience

I spearhead the technological innovation driving our immersive NFT-based fantasy card game, ensuring a seamless blend of captivating gameplay and blockchain integration.

Our Projects

Discover the various exciting projects we have founded and contributed to over the years.

2020Terrand logo

Co-Founders - Terrand

Randomness Oracle on Terra Blockchain.

Active on Terra Classic
2022Noise logo


L1 blockchain that brings random beacons to Dapps.

Active on Cosmos ecosystem
2022 - 2023Playible logo

Development Assistance

Play-to-earn NFT fantasy sports platform.

Active on Near Blockchain
2021 - 2022LoTerra logo

Founders - LoTerra

Decentralized gambling games on Terra.

Aborted since Terra collapse


Explore our involvement in diverse blockchain ecosystems.

From the robust and decentralized infrastructure of Near to the expansive and interconnected Cosmos network, our endeavors span across diverse blockchain landscapes.

Join us as we navigate the innovative realms of Near and the foundational principles of Ethereum.

Each ecosystem is a chapter in our story, contributing to the narrative of our commitment to cutting-edge technology and collaborative progress.

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