Experience MMA Fantasy in the Web3 World!
BattleBoosters is the ultimate Fantasy MMA web3 game! Engage in an electrifying world of strategic MMA card gaming. Collect, trade, and battle with NFTs to win exciting prizes. Ready for the challenge? Play now and master the octagon!
A fantasy-themed collectible card game with mixed martial arts (MMA) elements.
A game that is based on Solana blockchain technology.
Asynchronous multiplayer game.
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Embark on Your Web3 MMA Journey
Getting Started
Decentralized Wallet
To play, ensure your Web3 wallet is ready.
Connect Wallet
Connect your wallet to access and manage your BattleBoosters NFTs.
Join the Battle
Own a Fighter NFT and forge your path in the world of fantasy MMA gaming.
Top Picks for Wallets
Enter a Tournament
Starting with the open-access Preliminary Card and extending to the Main Card for NFT Champion's Pass holders. Choose fighters based on their anticipated octagon performance to earn points weekly.
Earn prizes with your sports insight and strategy, as your fighters' future successes determine your leaderboard rank.
Preliminary card
Main card
welterweight bout
Yazmin Jauregui UFC profile image
Denise Gomes UFC profile image
RobBie Lawler
niko price
United States
+195 odds -230
United States
catchweight bout
Yazmin Jauregui UFC profile image
Denise Gomes UFC profile image
Tatsuro taira
Edgar chairez
-975 odds +675
welterweight bout
Yazmin Jauregui UFC profile image
Denise Gomes UFC profile image
yazmin jauregui
Denise gomes
... odds ...
Lawler Robbie UFC profile image.
RobBie Lawler
Niko Price UFC profile image.
Niko price
RobBie Lawler
Lawler Robbie UFC profile image.
Lawler Robbie UFC profile image.
Teamed Up
NFT fighter of the BattleBoosters game.
NFT point booster of the BattleBoosters game.
NFT point booster of the BattleBoosters game.
NFT point booster of the BattleBoosters game.
Choose your Fighter
Team up a real-life MMA fighter with an electrifying NFT Fighter from your collection.
Optionally, enhance your NFT Fighter's abilities with boosters to elevate the competition.
Ocatgon of BattleBoosters game.
Access fight progress, points, and rankings easily through a user-friendly interface. Stay thrilled with live updates, immersing you in the tournament's excitement.
Players rewards in a Battle Boosters game tournament.
Cryptocurrencies: Unlock a wealth of crypto rewards in this epic tournament.
NFT Fighters/Boosters: Discover greatness with exclusive NFT Fighters and boosters.
Special Prizes: Excel in thrilling events for extra rewards.
All Players Rewarded: Every participant is a winner in this exhilarating competition!
The Weekly Fight Calendar
Step into the ultimate battleground! Our tournaments are inspired by real UFC Fight Events, bringing you the adrenaline of the octagon every weekend, all year round. Get ready to experience the thrill!
NFT items
The NFT Fighter:
Craft your strategy with NFT Fighters, each embodying one of eight fighting styles with tier-specific stats. Engage with balanced rarity classes for a compelling tactical experience.
Trade or Compete
Eight Fighting Styles
Five Ratity Levels
The NFT Boosters:
While they're optional, using these Boosters can turn the tide of battle. Energize your fighters, shield their health, or rack up extra points to strategically dominate the octagon.
Point Booster
Adds points to your total score during a fight.
Shield Booster
Enhances your NFT Fighter's life, reducing damage from hits in a fight.
Rarity levels:
These rarities boost vital attributes - enhanced health, energy, power for Fighters; amplified energy, shield, points for Boosters. Acquire and cherish high-rarity NFTs for an engaging experience.
Pick your champ, unleash your fighter, and boost for victory!
The NFT Champion's Pass:
Distinguish yourself in the Preliminary Card contests to earn the prestigious NFT Champion's Pass, your ticket to the Main Card octagon. This elite pass transcends mere access—it's a symbol of your prowess, unlocking a domain where challenges escalate and rewards grow exponentially.
Unmatched Rewards
XP Booster
Trade or Compete
Main Card Access
Get your pack and join the adventure!
NFT fighter packs UFC crypto blockchain
NFT Fighters pack
This pack contains 5 unique NFT Fighters, each with varying degrees of rarity. Unleash the potential of your collection and step into the battle with confidence!


NFT Booster packs UFC crypto blockchain
NFT Booster Pack
Unleash the unexpected with this pack! Discover one random NFT Booster – it could be a Shield, Energy, or Points booster. Ready to amplify your game?


  1. Project Kickoff & Planning

    We solidified our idea into an investor-ready project, backed by a skilled team, and established a strong online presence. Our technological foundation and strategic planning secured a firm legal and operational base for future growth.

  2. Development Milestones & Community Building

    We achieved notable progress, enhancing game components, UI, and homepage development. Our commitment to NFT smart contract improvements and IPFS image storage remains strong. Upcoming activities include testing, integration, and content creation, with a continuous focus on community and player base expansion.

  3. Preparation for Public Beta Test

    Our preparations have paved the way for the beta test launch. This phase focuses on user interaction with the game using their wallets on the devnet, allowing us to gather valuable feedback and implement necessary changes before the mainnet launch.

  4. Beta Test, Expansion, and User Engagement

    We are currently in the beta testing phase, allowing players to experience the game mechanics and provide feedback. Our focus remains on securing and expanding the platform through rigorous security audits, sustainable community engagement, and continuous platform optimization.

  5. Security, Launch, and Continual Improvement

    In 2024, our focus is on securing and expanding our game platform. This involves thorough security audits, a mainnet launch, aggressive user expansion, exciting new features, sustained community engagement, and platform optimization. We are also committed to sustainability planning for future growth and success.

Our team

Here's the talented and dedicated team behind our incredible success, driving innovation and shaping the future of blockchain technology with their expertise and passion.

Team member of BattleBoosters.

Damien Rojo

CEO & Co-Founder
Team member of BattleBoosters.

Anthony Rojo

CTO & Co-Founder
Team member of BattleBoosters.

Jessica Garcia

Team member of BattleBoosters.

Marcela Acosta

Web Designer
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